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Monday, November 14, 2011

Curriculum Review: College Prep Genius

Last month, Alyssa took the PSAT.  The day after she took the test, I received College Prep Genius to review!  Talk about great timing! As a college-bound Junior, it is (past) time to get really serious about the SATs. 

College Prep Genius, created by author Jean Burk, consists of a textbook, a workbook, and 12 lessons on four DVDs.  This program is PACKED full of information!!  Along with thorough explanations of how the PSAT and SAT work including all three test sections, this set has hundreds of tips and shortcuts.  You'll learn about college interview and scholarship information too! 

Included in the text are these sections:
1.  Introduction to the SAT
2.  The Critical Reading Section
3. The Math Section
4. The Writing Section
5.  Scholarship Search
6.  Journal for Test Success
and three Appenices: Prefixes, Math Terms, and My Motivation Test. 

I wish I had this resource when I was ready to take the SATs!  I learned a lot just in the first section, Introduction to the SAT.  Watch this video:

Alyssa has been soaking up the information in College Prep Genius like a sponge, and she likes the way the lessons are taught.  We don't have her PSAT score back yet, but my guess is that she will do much better on the SATs after using this program.  She plans to spend several months going over the information repeatedly to get the best score possible.  As a Mom, I am thrilled with College Prep Genius!

You might expect this course to cost hundreds of dollars, and honestly after what I've seen I think is worth several hundred dollars.  Incredibly, the cost of the complete College Prep Genuis program is only $99!!  You can buy the books and DVDs separately for a total cost of $129.85, but it is a 25% savings to purchase it as a set. You can also buy additional workbooks for more students. They have a 100% money back guarantee!!  Click here to see all the products available.  If you have middle or high school students who are considering college, I highly recommend College Prep Genius! To read other reviews of this product, click here.

Disclaimer:  I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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