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Monday, May 13, 2013

Schoolhouse Crew Review~Spanish for You-Fiestas!

Over the past month, Chad (10) and I have been reviewing Spanish for You!, a unique Spanish program for kids in grades 3-8.  What is unique about this program is that instead of teaching Spanish in levels, it is taught in themes.  I chose the Fiestas (celebrations) theme, which includes lessons on:

*The Birthday Party
*Day of the Dead
*Holy Week
*April Fair

Currently available are the Fiestas (Celebrations) theme and the Estaciones (Seasons) theme, with a third theme coming soon!

Spanish for You! was created by Debbie Annett, who has been a Spanish teacher for many years.  She created this curriculum to teach students to speak, read, and write Spanish with a knowledge of how the language works for better fluency.
The themed packages can be used over an entire school year, but are very flexible. You can make the curriculum last at whatever pace is best for your children. Included in the Fiestas package, for $64.95 is a soft cover book or e-book, downloadable lesson plans for all grades, downloadable worksheets, audio files of the entire book, and flashcard/activity downloads.  You can also purchase specific grade packages ( grades 3/4, 5/6, or 7/8) for just $39.95.  Click here for a product sample.

We used our Fiestas materials 3-4 times per week, for about 20-30 minutes each time.  This was just about right for Chad, who can get distracted easily.  As far as the book and worksheets, he did need a lot of help with those as he is at about a 2nd grade reading level due to his dyslexia.

What did we think?  Overall, I really like Spanish for You!  It is a great idea to have themes that span over multiple grades, so you can use it easily for homeschooling different ages together.  I had a hard time at first getting  all the materials figured out-there is a lot to this program, which makes it a good deal for the price!   Once I sorted through everything and got going, things went smoothly.  I like the flexibility of this program.  Chad's favorite part was the audio files.  We've used a few other Spanish programs and this one is the best audio by far.  The speaker's voice was clear and paced well.  Chad knows many words and phrases now, and he was more motivated to learn just because of the Fiestas theme! We will continue on with our Fiestas curriculum!

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