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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Neglected blog!

I have neglected this blog horribly! It really has been a wild month, crazy in fact. A few days before my last post, we took in two little boys for foster care. Of course I can't say names or show pictures, but they were 4 & 6 years old, brothers, and really great kids. Chad was thrilled to have them living with us, and they got along really well. We had them for just about a month, and then foster parents interested in adopting them were found. They have been gone for a few weeks now, and oddly, Chad does not mention them. Even though he had a great time with them, I think he was ready to have us back to our regular family of five.

Unfortunately, a few days after the boys arrived, I got this awful stomach flu. The first several days were terrible-then I started feeling a little better. That lasted a day or two, before it all started again. This cycle went on for more than three weeks! I did see a doctor, who said whatever stomach virus was going around was lasting about 2 weeks, then factor in my messed up immune system and you get what I got!

So, I tried my hardest to care for these boys, of course with lots of help from the rest of the family. But I really felt crappy most of the time, so I know I wasn't much fun. I know they were well cared for, safe, and had tons of fun playing all day every day, and all of that is a major improvement from life before our home. I still couldn't help feeling like I didn't give them all that I could have, but I guess I didn't have much choice. It was unfortunate timing. I'm happy that the boys are in a good home and have the opportunity to have a great life now, and that we could help them on the path even just for a month. Of course we learned from them as well, it is amazing the strength and resilience these little ones have.

I'm not sure what the future holds for us as far as foster care is concerned. This was our first placement in two years, due to my health. I really felt worn out, but I'm not sure how much of that was my flu. I've already received a call about taking in more kids, but I said we needed to finish up the school year and then we'll decide what our next step is. Foster care is something both Jeff and I feel is so important and we love to provide a safe home for these children, but I have to consider my health and how much I can handle. Even with a husband and teens who can help, it still turns the household upside down and is quite a bit more work. So after school is over, we will make that decision.

Since the boys have left, and now that I'm feeling better, I've just been trying to get back on track with life. It is a crazy time of year right now with my homeschoolers trying to finish the year, the dance year ending (I do the finances for Alyssa's dance studio), clogging competition season just wrapped up, and all the summer activities already starting! I will have to do a separate post on Alyssa's clogging season, she did awesome!