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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sleep Study

For several years, I've had various medical professionals suggest I get a sleep study, due to my fatigue/sleepiness. I always brushed it off, thinking who wouldn't be sleepy/tired with all the medication I take, most of which has drowsiness as a side effect? Then when I got my autoimmune diagnosis last year, it made even more sense that I was so fatigued-that's one of the biggest symptoms of autoimmune disease.

Well, in April when I had a stomach bug I went in to the doctor, and my regular PCP was not available. I got a new doctor to the practice, who specializes in sleep disorders. He right away mentioned that my airway is extremely narrow, and started talking about a sleep study. After thinking it through, I decided it couldn't hurt to get it done. Then at least when the next doctor asks me, I could say I had it done and don't have a sleep disorder.

The night before memorial day I went to the lab to have it done, super anxious about if I'd even be able to sleep. I got all hooked up and tried to get to sleep. The lab was very comfortable, it was like I was in a bedroom. The problem I was having was with the thing up my nose-just like the oxygen one that has the prongs in your nostrils, yet this measured inflow and outflow. It was sooooo annoying. Anyway, I guess about 1 1/2 hours later I fell asleep. They woke me at 5am to go home. I felt like I had been a little more restless than a normal night in my own bed.

Anyway, I got the results a few days ago-sleep apnea! The doctor said I stopped breathing at least 10 times per hour, plus I NEVER had the deep REM sleep. So, no wonder I'm tired! Now I'm super excited that maybe I have the chance to feel a lot better once I get on the CPAP machine. I will have to go back in overnight for them to get the pressure right on the CPAP, and then I'll get my own machine later that week.

I know it probably seems wierd to be excited about this, but I really am! Honestly, I thought my life would always be the way it is now due to meds and my illnesses, but now to have something that can actually be fixed/helped-wow!! I don't have my appointment to go back to the sleep lab yet, but I should get it within the next week or so.


Amy said...

That is great news. Weird, yes, but great none the less. My brother in-law has a CPAP and I know he sleeps much better with it. He has to take it with him everywhere, including camp outs with the Scouts. lol!

politically frustrated mamma said...

I am so glad that you are going to have something help you! I want Bryan to go in for one, too, and I think I almost have him convinced!