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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Swine Flu part 2 (originally H1N1 fun)

So, our H1N1 saga did continue. Alyssa completely recovered from her H1N1 and subsequent infection, though it took a lot out of her. A couple weeks after she recovered, Chad got it!! Of course this was at the start of swim lessons, and he was having allergy issues anyway, but the chlorine seems to make him cough the first few days he is in the pool. So I didn't take him to the Dr. right away, thinking it was allergy/asthma related. Once I took him in (about 4-5 days after onset), it was too late for Tamiflu. So he was on his regular nebulizer regimen, which helped but didn't get rid of it, and we ended up back at the doctor's the next week to get a steroid prescription. That finally got rid of it. He had a few high fevers that got us really nervous, but he did really well while he was sick and confined to the house. I got on Tamiflu AGAIN. So, after school ended it was one child after another, and by the time all three kids were through this *crap*, it was just a few weeks until Chad started 1st grade (year-round here). So, no camping trips or quick trips to nearby fun spots. Oh well. Maybe in October when Chad is on track break. Since the high school kids are homeschooled we can do things like that (if it isn't too cold then!)

So, that is (hopefully) the end of our Swine Flu saga. I'm hoping the kids have an immunity to it if it breaks out again in the Fall!

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