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Monday, June 13, 2011

31 Days to Clean-Day 31!

The 31 Days to Clean challenge is over.  I only posted one other update, at the end of week 1, so I pretty much dropped the ball on updates.  I started the challenge May 1st through Joyful Mothering.  So, here's how I did:

 I did read the entire book (quick, easy read if you read it all at once, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a small chunk each day).  I pretty much stuck to reading it one day at a time. The daily Martha challenges(cleaning, organizing) were great, but I got behind as we were having some work done in our house during the challenge. Then after the workers left, we had company.  So I didn't do everything, but I did the majority of it, just not in the order given.  The daily Mary challenges were the best part of the challenge.  Once again, I dropped the ball here and there, but at the end of the month I did go back and make sure I attempted something towards doing all of the challenges. 

What did I come out of this month with?  I have a detailed weekly cleaning schedule that has daily assignments, a new chore chart for the youngest kiddo, and a posted menu plan for the week.  Most importantly I learned that I need to stop obsessing over having a perfectly clean house and instead focus on having a home full of love that is a haven for our family.  This does include cleanliness and organization, but not to the extreme that Mom is stressed and grumpy over cleaning.  I need to delegate more, and enjoy making a comfortable 'nest' for my family.  What a special role in our families we have as wives and mothers!

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