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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn Craft-Another use for the Laminator!!

I love my laminator.  It's awesome.  My family will tell you that I get excited when there is something that needs (or I want) to laminate.  And they're right-I do!  Our backyard is a beautiful mix of greens, yellows, oranges and reds right now, and I wanted Chad to do a craft with the leaves.  So he collected different leaves and placed them in the laminating pouch how he wanted them, and I (very carefully so the leaves wouldn't fall out) laminated it!  Turned out like a mini-placemat, and it looks pretty on a window with the light shining through it.  I tried to take some good pictures, but it was hard to get really good ones that show how pretty it is.  Here is the finished project up against the window:
 and laying on the table:
I'm sure there are tons of variations you could do with this.  I thought it would look pretty just loaded with leaves all mixed up and overlapping, but Chad was feeling rather orderly today apparently and this was what he wanted!!  This activity is also good to get outside and have a nature walk.  Now go use those laminators!!!!!


Amy said...

Cool idea! I love to laminate things too... it's a sickness. ;)

Over Yonder said...

I LOVE doing that! we do not have a laminator but in the past I have used contact paper. I think it's time for the kids and I to go leaf collecting!