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Monday, November 21, 2011

Winner-The Grace Effect Giveaway!!

The winner of The Grace Effect by Larry Taunton is............#17, Susan!!  Congratulations Susan-I hope you enjoy reading it!!

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Susan D. said...

Thank you for the giveaway!

Reading this book is exactly what I needed right now. I keep going over phrases, letting them sink in and take root. I return again and again to the last paragraph of chapter one, where Taunton defines the "grace effect". I've been agitated and stressed lately, I have been making poor choices. For some reason, that paragraph calms me, inspires me, and humbles me. The book just arrived a few days ago, and really -- even if I don't get a thing out of the rest of the book (which I'm sure I will!) -- I needed to read that paragraph. He wrote "...common grace does much more than negate the evil impulses if mankind; it is a positive force for good. As one experiences grace in his own life, he extends grace to others."

Have you ever read something that just speaks to you? Something that seems like it was printed just for you to read exactly at the moment you needed to read it? Even if it is invisible to others, it stops you in your tracks? His definition of the grace effect gives me hope -- something I have been running a little short on.

Thanks again for the book. And thank you Larry Alex Taunton!