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Monday, June 3, 2013

Children's Book Review~Oh Brother! A Nico and Tugger Tale

I recently had the pleasure to review an adorable children's book: Oh Brother! A Nico and Tugger Tale (ISBN 978-1466942875), published by Trafford Publishing.  The author is Kimberly Sentek, and it was illustrated by Eumir Carlo Fernandez. 

Nico was an only dog, the center of his owner's attention.  When a new puppy, Tugger, comes to live with them, Nico has a lot to adjust to!  Oh Brother! A Nico and Tugger Tale follows the two pups as they learn to live and play with each other. It presents the story from both dog's point of view. This is a cute story to read to your kids or grandkids, or for young readers to read themselves. It would be a great story to read to a child who has a new sibling on the way! There are 28 pages, all illustrated in color.  The illustrations are cute and fun. 

My son Chad (10) and I both enjoyed Oh Brother! A Nico and Tugger Tale.  When I went to the author's website, http://kimberlysentek.com/, I learned that this is the first in a planned series, so we look forward to reading more in the series.  I also learned that the dogs in the story are based on Ms. Sentek's own dogs, Nico and Tugger!  You can go to the website to see pictures of the real dogs (cute!), as well as download coloring pages and puzzles!  There are also links to purchase your own copy of the book. 

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.


Amy said...

We have a nephew named Nico. His birthday is coming up. This will be a perfect gift. Thanks!

Athena said...

Oh great! Glad I could help! :)