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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Book Review~Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home

The book Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home, by David and Bernice Gudgel, is very relevant to my stage of life now.  My oldest is 22 and attempting to survive on his own, but it hasn't been easy.  My 18-year-old is still at home with no immediate plans to leave, but I know the day is coming.  When my oldest was getting ready to move out, I started panicking: Have I taught him everything he needs to know out in the hard, cruel world?  I know a lot of life's lessons are learned by trial and error, but there is an awful lot we parents need to teach our children as well. 

David and Bernice Gudgel have made our job as parents a little bit easier by writing the book Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home.  It is full of practical, biblically-based information to help young adults as they prepare to leave home. There are lots of personal stories in the book that are interesting.  This book is good for both parents and teens/young adults to read. 

Just One More Thing is divided up into ten sections, each with three topics. There are thirty topics covered, such as Convictions, Roommates, Love,  and Your Car.  Some topics are deep, and some are not.  But all are necessary and helpful.  I was reminded of several things I'd like to talk with my 18-year-old about, and I am going to ask her to read this book.

You can learn more about the book and authors, as well as purchase your own copy of Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home at the Gudgel's website.  

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