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Monday, August 3, 2015

Product Review~Kandle Flex Reading Light by Ozeri

Kindles and other e-readers are very popular these days. I love my Kindle-still love my regular books, but there are definitely great features I appreciate on the Kindle. Late at night, if my husband goes to bed before me, I can't read in bed because the light would wake him up. Ozeri has solved my problem by introducing Kandle (Kindle + Candle).

The Kandle Flex has a new patent pending WideLip (TM) design that attaches to the Kindle (TM), Sony Reader, and other e-readers without blocking the screen at all. It has a fully adjustable flexible neck that you can customize to position the lamp head. It is powered by three surface mounted lifetime LEDs, so light can be distributed evenly without eyestrain or glare. The power button features two different lighting options-soft light or ultra bright. When you order your Kandle, you will also receive an extra set of batteries and a protective pouch.

Above is a picture of the Kandle on my Kindle Fire.  It figs snugly, so I don't worry about it falling off.  It also fits on my Kindle's case. The flexible neck is great-you can bend it in any direction you need. The light is perfect for me to read without disturbing my husband. The two light choices -soft or ultra bright are nice too. When I'm done using the Kandle, I fold it up and keep it in its nice pouch. I have used my Kandle frequently and have had no problems with it.  I think the name is super cute too! 

You can purchase your own Kandle Flex on Amazon.ca . It is exclusively warranted by Ozeri to the original purchaser.

*Disclosure: I received this product free from Ozeri in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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