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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Product Review~Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers

I've seen dot marker sets in educational supply stores before, and thought they would be fun for kids. I have a four-year-old grandson, Daniel, who loves to do arts and crafts so this was a perfect fit for us. Our Dauber Dawgs Washable Dot Markers came in a sturdy reusable cardboard box. There are eight markers with washable ink in these colors: Red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, orange, green, and brown.

The markers are comfortable in your hand, and chunky enough for toddlers. The bright rounded caps make it easy to know which color you are choosing, and there is no leaking if  you put the caps on correctly. The Dauber Dawgs are 3 fl. ounces each, non-toxic, and bpa free. Included in your purchase is a link to three PDF dot marker coloring books.

Our experience with Dauber Dawgs was mixed. I downloaded the animal coloring pages, and my grandson was so excited to use the markers. We both loved the bright, bold colors! Daniel had a  hard time getting just a dot to appear.  Sometimes it would work, but other times it looked more like a 'splat', or way too much ink came out. I assumed he was pressing too firmly, so then I tried. I was able to do a little better than he did, but still had the same problems no matter how carefully I applied the marker. After seeing all the great reviews, I'm thinking maybe I got a defective set. Here is Daniel's picture he made, which he ended up smearing the paint around after the dots didn't work as he had hoped, and using them more like a paintbrush. The next one is my attempt.

I really think Dauber Dawgs are a great product, but my markers definitely had problems with ink flow. The worksheets are adorable! Despite them not working how he had hoped, my grandson is still enjoying using his Dauber Dawgs Washable Markers.

You can buy a set for your children, give as a gift, or for adult use at Bingo, available at Amazon.

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