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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Children's Book Review~The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly

About the Book: 
 The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly, by Carmel Rivello
Publisher: Carmel Rivello Productions
ISBN 978-0996755108
Published October 2015
Pages: 50
SRP: $14.95 
Description from the Publisher: Hip and happening grandmother, children’s book author Carmel Rivello has just released her new book, The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly that connects the feelings of friendship and occasional loneliness inspiring children with a gentle introduction to ET’s that bring Bella, the bunny, joy, surprises and intergalactic travel. This book is the first in a series for children of all ages and a glimpse of the wondrous possible future that awaits humanity, reminding us that we are all connected. Through her acclaimed story, Carmel empowers children to be the best version of themselves. 

About the Author: 
 Carmel Rivello, mother, grandmother and author knew she had to write a book for children, after having the experience of making Contact with other cosmic cultures . The need for children to know about what the future holds for them , in a non-threatening and gentle way made this book happen. Ms. Rivello is a graduate of Cal Lutheran University, with a triple major in Drama, Art and Women's Experience. She taught Italian to her class ,studying the Art and Sculpture of the Renaissance , and enjoyed a wondrous trip to Italy, connecting with her family background. Her world travels enabled her to communicate with many diverse cultures, learning their languages, and understanding their customs. She is a much sought-after speaker to women groups, enjoys doing Voice-overs and presents to many Twelve step Recovery groups. She is a docent at the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks, CA. and spends time between there and Ojai, CA . Her children and grandchildren are her greatest treasures. Her partner, Gerald Barney inspires her daily to write,create,cook Italian dishes and garden. The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly is the first in a series of books, written to engage children in the wonders and mysteries of other cosmic cultures. Carmel is able to enjoy the gifts of being a senior, having "Chronological Credibility".

What I Thought: 
 After reading the description of The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly, and seeing the cute cover art, I thought it would be a great book for me to read to my four-year-old grandson. The illustrations in the book are very bright and colorful, and my grandson enjoys looking at the pictures. The story itself, however, was too long for my grandson's attention span. There aren't pictures on every page-sometimes on every other page, but often not for three pages or more. Although the print is a little larger for early readers, it was just too much story for him in one sitting.  I could see reading a few pages each day instead. 
 Here is Daniel enjoying the pictures in the book. I liked the concept in the story of Bella the bunny being lonely, as Daniel is an only child and we adults can't play with him all day long.  Although I knew the story included extra terrestrial beings, it was a little too strong a part of the story for me. Besides that, the story was positive and uplifting. 

For more information on The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly, including links to purchase your own copy and a free download of a coloring book, www.carmelrivello.com

*Disclosure: I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review. 

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