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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Review~365 Pocket Morning Prayers

365 Pocket Morning Prayers: Strength and Joy to Begin Each Day was written by David R. Veerman and published by Tyndale Momentum, part of Tyndale House Publishers. It is 4x6, with a leather-like finish, embossed with a palm tree and birds on the cover. It is 316 pages long, with a topical index at the end of the book.

Each day/prayer is a different topic, with scripture included using New Living Translation. The prayers are in sets of seven for a week, with the 6th and 7th days (representing the weekend) shorter than the others. You can read one each day for an entire year, or go to the index at the back and choose your topic for the day. The author states in his introduction, "The prayer itself may involve praise, confession, or challenge, all with the purpose of drawing you closer to God."

I have been enjoying 365 Pocket Morning Prayers. It is compact enough to keep in my bag and pull out while waiting in line to pick my son up from school. I have not been reading the prayers chronologically, but have been picking a topic from the index each day. Each prayer is short enough to read quickly, but deep enough to make an impact on my day. I found them interesting and relevant to today's world.

You can purchase your own copy of 365 Morning Prayers at Tyndale.

*I received a copy of this book free from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review..

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