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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Book Review~Redeeming Ruth

ISBN: 1619709074 | ISBN-13: 9781619709072 | List Price: $19.95 | Format: Hardcover | Page Count: 200 

About the Book: 
Redeeming Ruth is the inspirational, true story of an abandoned baby, a devastating diagnosis, and the way God loves broken, hurting people through us--even though we may be broken and hurt, too.

When Meadow met her, Ruth was a sixteen-month-old child that some church friends were hosting from an orphanage in Uganda. She had cerebral palsy and was so weak she couldn't lift her head. Meadow had always felt a call to adopt, but was this what God meant? Part family drama, part travel adventure, and part memoir, Redeeming Ruth is a heartwarming, against-all-odds story about the most unlikely pairing of a typical American family and a physically challenged orphaned girl from Uganda. Much more than an adoption story, this book explores what happens when we sacrificially reach out and share God's love with others.

Ruth's story will inspire families considering adoption, people raising or teaching children with special needs, caregivers, and those grieving the loss of a loved one, ministering to people with disabilities, or striving to serve God despite their own wounded hearts and broken dreams.

About the Author

 Meadow Rue Merrill is an award-winning journalist who has spent the following eight years corresponding for The Boston Globe and writing for The New York Times, Harvard University, and The Boston Sunday Globe Magazine. She has regular columns with The Portland Press Herald and Down East magazine.
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What I Thought: 
Adoption is near and dear to my heart, as I was adopted and my youngest son was adopted as well. We were both domestic adoptions through foster care, so very different situations than the Merrill's. I cannot imagine traveling to a foreign country to adopt your child.

Redeeming Ruth is broken down into a prologue, 21 chapters, epilogue, author's note, author's thanks, readers guide, notes, and photographs. I thought the readers guide was a wonderful resource, whether you read the book alone or as a group. For each chapter, there is a bible scripture, questions for discussion, and application. The photos were just wonderful, eight pages of full-color images that melted my heart. 

What an amazing family the Merrills are! They did what God led them to do, period. More of us need to follow His lead, even when its so incredibly hard. Once I picked Redeeming Ruth up, I couldn't put it down. I just had to know what happened to this sweet baby and her new family. You know that saying "It takes a village"? The adoption and life of Ruth is a perfect example of that. So many wonderful friends and family did so much to help this family, some even strangers! The author is so honest and raw with her feelings through the years.

After we adopted our son from foster care at three years old, so many people praised us and said how lucky he was, and we still hear that even with him being 14 years old now!  I understand why people say these things, but once you have adopted a child you know that it is the other way around. How blessed am I to have this child? He has brought such joy to my life, and I have learned so much from him. He has some severe learning disabilities and health problems (not life threatening), and he teaches us so much with his strength and determination. I'm sure that's the same way the Merrills feel-they were so blessed for their time with Ruth. Although it appeared they were doing everything for Ruth, she was giving them all so much!

Do yourself a favor and read Redeeming Ruth-it is a wonderful story of love. All personal proceeds from this book  benefit orphans and people with disabilities in Uganda. Right now, Redeeming Ruth is half off at Christian Book Distributors: http://uroomtech.christianbook.com/redeeming-everything-life-takes-love-restores/meadow-merrill/9781619709072/pd/709072  

If adoption or foster care isn't for you, there are other ways you can make a difference! In the author's notes section at the back of the book are other ways you can help.

I received a free copy of this book to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew

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