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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweet 16 and Driving!

Well, it has happened.  We are a household with a teenage driver.  Alyssa turned 16 last week, and got her license the same day.  Actually, she passed the tests before her birthday, she just had to wait until her birthday to go get her license.  I had never heard of that before, maybe it is just a Utah thing-we tend to do things a little different here sometimes ;) 

Now, Alyssa is not our oldest child. Nick is 19, and just hasn't gotten around to the driver's license thing yet-he prefers a unicycle to get around.  Good exercise, makes people smile, but not the best transportation in the winter!!  He is actually planning on working  on getting his license soon. 

Alyssa is such a blessing.  I never imagined my baby girl would turn into such a caring, beautiful on the inside and out, responsible, respectful young lady.  She loves the Lord, and makes sure everyone knows about Him.  How awesome is that??  She was a spitfire, sassy little girl, and we all expected a rebellious teenager.  I'm not saying she is a perfect angel, of course she has her moments as she is navigating these rough child-to-adult waters. But- I ENJOY spending time with her.  I LOVE spending time with her.  The past 16 years have been a joy. 

On to the driving-no matter how good of a driver your child may appear to be, it is downright scary to watch them go off the first time alone, in the car.  I felt sick to my stomach.  Of course we all want to protect our children, and part of them growing up and becoming independent are these steps.  But, wow.  I never expected it to be so hard!!  You see your little girl sitting there in the driver's seat (she is only 4'11" by the way), and you just want to turn back time.  It has become easier this past week, with each solo trip she has taken.  I've prayed a lot more this week, that is for sure!!  But, as hard as it is, I do look forward to watching this beautiful young woman God has entrusted to me grow and learn and mature even more.  What an exciting time of life!!

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