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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chad went skiing!

Last Sunday, January 23rd, Jeff took Chad for his first time skiing-very exciting!!  One of the many ski resorts in our area, Alta, has a great program-Ski Free After 3.  Every day of the week, it is free to ski from 3 until the slopes close at 4: 30.  The only cost is rentals if you don't have your own equipment, which we don't (probably would be smart to look for used skis).  Equipment rental is very reasonable at $10.  So if you show up at the ski rental shop at 2:30 and get all ready to go at 3,  you have 1 1/2 hours of skiing.  For a brand-new skier, that was plenty of time!!  They use a tow-rope on the beginner slope, and it was a lot of work (mostly for Dad) getting Chad up that thing! Then there were all the times the skis fell off, or Chad couldn't get up by himself, etc.  Jeff had a great workout!  Chad had a lot of fun-he wasn't overly enthusiastic, asking when he could go again, but seemed to enjoy himself.  Our older kids didn't ski for the first time until we moved here, and they love it.  They both want to learn to snowboard next.  It is an expensive sport, but the different ski places offer some great deals for students early in the season.  Jeff grew up skiing in Minnesota, which is different from skiing here he says, and together we skied when we lived in Nevada.  I loved it, but it is on my naughty list of things I'm not allowed to do anymore since my spine surgeries.  Oh well, I do love it when the kids and Jeff can go.  Here is a picture of our newest ski bunny: 

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