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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Target clearance and coupon deals!

I do a lot of coupon-clipping, clearance and sale shopping to save money.  I find lots of deals, many free or almost free with mfg and store coupons and sales. I do plan to do a few blog posts on my coupon/shopping method soon. I have lots of ideas and methods that have evolved over 22 years of marriage, and want to share them, along with plenty of blogs and websites that help me out. There are so many awesome people out there who have very helpful sites!

This was my haul from Target:
Here is the breakdown:

Lampshades-we have needed them in our bedroom for a long time, but $30-$50 for  two lampshades just seemed ridiculous to me, and wasn't in the budget.  There were only two of these left, in the EXACT size/style we needed!!  I was SO excited.  So anyway...
Lampshades reg. $14.99 ea. clearance $3.74 x 2=$7.48
Quaker Oatmeal giant 22pk reg. $4.64 ea.  clearance $3.24 ea. -$1.00 ea. mfg coupon=$2.24 x 2=$4.48
Ladies shirt reg. $10.00 clearance $2.50
Colgate toothpaste 6 oz on sale for $2.19-$1.00 mfg coupon-$1.00 Target coupon=$0.19
Carefree pantyliner $.99-$1.00 mfg coupon=$0.01 overage
Jif Peanut Butter-this is the big 2-pack of 80 oz (40 oz each) you would buy at Sam's, etc. for around $7-8.
$6.99 reg. $1.74 clearance x 2=$3.48.
Total regular price of items was $70.88, my price (before tax) was $18.12!!!! That's a 75% savings!  

But, the Target savings don't end there!!!  After I left, the incredible savings on that peanut butter kept nagging at me.  I have a 19yo son who just moved into his first apartment and would live on peanut butter.  So.... I went back and bought 10 two-packs!!!
10 x $1.74=$17.40.  That is a lot of peanut butter-twenty 40 oz. jars.  But when you consider the regular price was $70 (75% savings), that is a huge savings and Nick will have peanut butter for a long time! Actually, I'm not sure about that 'long time' part.  You wouldn't believe how fast that boy can go through peanut butter.  Let's just say this: he will have peanut butter for a while, thanks to Mom and Target!

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