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Sunday, May 8, 2011

31 Days to Clean-Week 1!

On May 1, I began the 31 Days to Clean Challenge through Joyfulmothering.  I really don't have any problems with housekeeping, other than not ever seeming to have enough time or energy to get it all done as often as I'd like. My home is usually picked up, just not as deep-clean as I'd like it.  With chronic illness affecting my energy and pain, along with homeschooling and a busy household where someone is always home 24/7, our house is very 'lived in' and I can't get it all done like I want it.  I've had to relax and let some things just get dusty and cluttered at times.  This Challenge appealed to me because it is more than just cleaning your house-it is also about cleaning up some things inside of you-"We’re going to declutter some junk from our hearts and dust off that motivation that’s been sitting on the shelf." 

So, I've finished through Day 5 and wanted to share with you the best part of the week.  No, it wasn't having a sparkling clean fridge (although that is always very nice!).  On Day 3, one of the challenges was to ask your family members what makes them feel loved that you do in caring for the home.  My kids responses really made me feel great!  Nick (19) said he feels loved when I offer to switch his laundry for him(the older kids do their own laundry), when I cook a big dinner from scratch, and when I just sit and joke with him or listen to his plans for the future.  Alyssa (16) said she feels loved when she sees how frugal I am with budgeting, planning, and sales/couponing.  I'm passing all I've learned over the years on to her, and she has become quite the sale shopper, and uses coupons too!!  Chad (8) was the real shocker: he said he feels loved when I homeschool him, and that he loves me teaching him!!  Melted my heart and made me feel so great!!  I wrestle all the time with  whether he would be happier in school, and that statement of his erased so many doubts I had.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, click on the link above.  If you aren't interested in joining but would like to buy the book, go to 31 Days to Clean.


Kerry said...

What lovely responses from your children! That would make my heart melt as well :) Sometimes it really is all about the 'little' things right?

Christin said...

Oh that is soo wonderful!

My husband said when we greet him at the door after work, it makes him feel loved. :)
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