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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Product Review: The Curiosity Files-Platypus e-book

'The Curiosity Files-Explorations with Professor Ana Lyze, Expert in Outlandish Oddities' is a series of e-books published by The Old Schoolhouse magazine.  We reviewed the Platypus e-book in our homeschool, and had a blast with the fun activities! This unit study is aimed at the 8-13 age range and is $6.95-well worth the price, in my opinion.

Every subject you need is included in this e-book. Some of the topics are:
*Everything You Never Wanted to Know about the Platypus
*Platypus baby math and cooking
*Platypus 10s (counting by 10s math activities)
*The Write Stuff-includes limericks, spelling and vocabulary word lists, activities and puzzles
*Copywork-scripture verses in both manuscript and cursive
*In The Lab-science activities
*Good Old Days-history activities including mapping skills and timeline
*Let’s Get Creative-craft ideas
*Curiosity Fact Files-mini books and folder to make
*Read All About it-lists of books to read about the Platypus
*Hands On Learning-for special needs learners

I was impressed with many aspects of this unit study. It is written in a fun way for kids to really get excited about learning. Colorful pictures are throughout the study, as well as questions to answer about what you have learned. The games and activities were great-the Platypus Bill Scoop using out leftover Easter candy was a big hit! Other favorites at our house were the Platypus Burrow (using blankets to make a burrow-what kid doesn’t LOVE doing this?), and the Platypus food (gummy worms in chocolate pudding). The all-time favorite with my 8-year-old son was the Limericks!! He laughed so hard I didn’t think he would stop! Now he is trying to make his own Limericks about everything. That was the great thing about this study-my son had so much fun he didn’t realize he was doing all the ‘school’ subjects. (Don’t tell, but Mom had fun too!)

Throughout the Platypus e-book, activities are separated by lower and upper grades, which was very helpful. Although the suggested age range for this e-book is 8-13, I truly think you could expand to younger and older ages. There were many book and website suggestions for further research, and answer keys in the back. I think it would have been helpful to have the book list for further reading also separated by lower and upper grades/ages, as I had to go through each book to check if it was at my son’s level.

Now that we have finished the Platypus unit study (although I do plan to use it again when he’s a little older and can do the upper grade activities), I would like to get more unit studies in The Curiosity Files line. They are enjoyable and educational for kids and parents!

If you are interested in this e-book or others, visit the store at The Old Schoolhouse magazine: http://www.theoldschoolhousestore.com/

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