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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Product Review~K5 Learning

Members of the TOS crew were recently given the opportunity to use and review K5 Learning, an online after-school supplemental study program.  Lessons are available in math, math facts, reading, and spelling.  
First, Chad was given math and reading assessments.  Parents are able to view the results and see exactly what grade level their child is at in each area.  Chad thought the assessments were too long- he was moaning and complaining about halfway through.  What is nice about the assessments and this program, though, is that the material your child works on after the assessments is entirely assessment-based.  Children are not just given work that corresponds with the grade they are in.  Also, the program adjusts to how your child is doing, making problems harder or easier if needed.  Below is an example of  reading assessment results:
K5 Learning lessons are multi-media, which always works best in our house.  Your child can work independently-I only needed to help Chad a few times.  There are fun games to play as rewards, and Chad enjoyed designing his own Avatar to use in the program.  Parents can check their child's progress at any time.  The characters used throughout the lessons look modern and fun, although Chad complained about a few voices being 'annoying'. 

The price for unlimited use of all K5 Learning programs is $25/month for the first child and $15/month for each additional child, or $199/year for the first child and $129/year for additional children.  You can see how the pricing works here.  For my family on a limited budget, this price would be too high for us, especially since it is a supplemental program and not a full curriculum.  I'm sure for some families K5 Learning would be the perfect after-school program. Before deciding for yourself, you can get a free 14 day trial!  Be sure to check out K5 Learning's website for sample lessons, an introductory video, and FAQs. 

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Disclaimer: I was given a free trial of this program in exchange for my honest review. 

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