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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Product Review~Reading Eggs

If you've read posts on this blog, you most likely are aware that we have really struggled with Chad and reading.  He is 9 years old now, but at a 1st grade reading level.  He didn't learn to read in kindergarten or 1st grade while at public school, and since homeschooling he is reading and progressing, but very slowly.  Which. Drives. Me. Crazy.  When he was little, Nick (now 20) just caught on immediately and read like a pro.  Alyssa (now 17) needed more instruction and practice, but was an eager learner and didn't take long.  So I really haven't had experience with this frustration.  Now, he does have dyslexia, so I know that doesn't help. 

We have been focusing most of our energy on phonics and reading, and he is getting there.  But like I said above, slowly.  I've found a few great programs that I love and are working, but the problem is Chad doesn't like reading or learning to read or any of it.  So it has not been a fun situation for either of us.  Until I had the opportunity to review Reading Eggs the past few months!
Reading Eggs is meant for kids age 4-8, and there is a program for older kids (7-12) called Reading Eggspress.  It is an online world with games, songs, stories, and more where you learn to read!  There are currently 100 lessons-Chad took a test and was placed where he needed to start, on lesson 67.  I liked that he didn't have to sit and do lessons he didn't need.  He does several activities and games for each lesson, and is rewarded with golden eggs!!  These eggs hatch into avatars for your child to decorate and dress.

Just above is a screenshot of a learning activity.  I asked Chad what he likes about Learning Eggs, and he said 'Everything'!  His favorite activities are dressing up and buying things for his avatar, going to the toy store, earning eggs,  and the rhyming games. I asked him what he dislikes and he replied 'Nothing!  I love Reading Eggs!'  Is that awesome or what???  Whats nice is that he can do Reading Eggs all by himself, without me helping him.  He even woke up early one morning and asked if he could 'play' Reading Eggs while I was making breakfast!!

There is so much for kids to explore at Reading Eggs-Chad has been using it for two months now and is still discovering new things to do!  I have definitely noticed an improvement in his reading ability. The parents dashboard is a great tool to show you where your child is at in the program, and what they have been learning with each lesson. Click here to try a sample lesson. Click here for FAQs about the program.

Reading Eggs is affordable-online subscriptions are $9.95 per month, $49.95 for six months, or $75 for one year! Click here to purchase a subscription. There are also sibling discounts. Along with the online program, you can also purchase book packs, activity books, and flashcards.  The online subscription comes with free worksheets to print out too! You can get a 14 day trial subscription to try it out yourself.  I definitely recommend Reading Eggs if you have a beginning or struggling early reader.  We plan to purchase a subscription when our trial runs out!

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Disclaimer: I received a temporary membership to Reading Eggs in exchange for my honest review.

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