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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet Addition

Two things that I already knew, but that God reminded me of in a big way this year are that life will not go as you expect, and that blessings can come from every situation.

Something I haven't posted about yet, but have hinted about in recent posts, is that I am a Grandma.  We didn't find out about our grandson until he was seven months old, and it was quite a shock!  After the reality settled in, we embarked on the journey of falling in love with Daniel.  He is now one year old, and the past five months, although bumpy, have been joyous.  No, it isn't the way I wanted to have, or planned/expected to have my first grandchild.  But, things happen and this beautiful little boy is now a huge part of our lives. 

In keeping with my family's traditions, I am YiaYia and Jeff is Papou (Grandma and Grandpa in Greek).  I don't think there is any way of describing the love for your grandchild-you have to experience this deep feeling firsthand to understand.  I love our time together, and just melt at most everything he does. 

This journey hasn't been easy, but one thing is for certain-I love being Daniel's YiaYia!


Noteable Scraps said...

Finding the blessings in any situation is the way to take on life - and he looks like a huge blessing! Congratulations! :-)

Athena said...

Thank you!!