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Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Review~An Amish Kitchen

An Amish Kitchen is compiled of three Amish novellas: A Taste of Faith by Kelly Long,  A Spoonful of Love by Amy Clipston, and A Recipe for Hope by Beth Wiseman.  I have previously read and enjoyed books by all three authors, so I knew I was in for some good reading time!

If you've ever read Amish fiction or information about the Amish, then you know the kitchen is the heart of the Amish home. These three stories intertwine their characters and location, centering around the tight-knit community of Paradise, Pennsylvania.

In A Taste of Faith, Fern Zook is blessed with a green thumb, learning how to heal with plants and herbs from her beloved grandmother.  Her neighbor Abram Fisher is frequently needing her help while he cares for his younger siblings, and a spark of romance is blossoming between them.

In A Spoonful of Love, Hannah King is busy running her parent's bed and breakfast, Paradise Inn.  As she dreams of finding love, a handsome young Amish man from out of town arrives to stay at the Inn.  Is he the man of her dreams?

In A Recipe for Hope, Eve Bender struggles with her relationship with her mother.  After a storm forces Eve's family to temporarily move in with her parents, tensions increase between them.  Will Eve and her mother be able to heal old wounds and mend their relationship?

An Amish Kitchen contains a glossary of Amish words, Reading Group Guides, and 45 Old Order Amish recipes!  There are even herbal medicinal recipes from A Taste of Faith.  An Amish Kitchen is an enjoyable, heartwarming collection of stories!

*Disclosure: I received this book free of charge from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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