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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Book Review~An Amish Garden

An Amish Garden is a collection of four Novellas written by four of my favorite authors.  The stories all have the garden as a central theme, and each is approximately 100 pages, perfect for a weekend read.  All four were delightful to read!

Rooted in Love, by Beth Wiseman, tells the story of Rosemary and Saul.  Rosemary has her hands full since her mother died.  With a houseful of boys and her father to tend to, she doesn't have time for much else, including gardening.  Saul wants a life with Rosemary, but she won't go out with him.  He tries to win her heart while helping plant a garden for her family. 

Flowers for Rachael was written by Kathleen Fuller.  Rachael lives with her grandfather, caring for him and his home since he had a stroke.  Being just the two of them, she is lonely.  She fills her time caring for her garden, which she loves doing.  She has strong feelings for their neighbor Gideon, but doesn't think he feels the same about her.  Soon, a secret admirerer begins leaving her beautiful flowers.  Could it be Gideon?

Seeds of Love is by Tricia Goyer, and is set in a small Amish community in Montana.  Sadie Chupp moved there after the death of her parents.  The only thing left of her parents are some heirloom tomato seeds they left her, and she is excited to plant them and watch them grow.  Eli Plank is a bachelor who is in Montana for a short time.  He begins to have feelings for Sadie, and helps her with her seeds.  She has feelings for him as well, but a misunderstanding threatens to ruin everything. 

Where Healing Blooms, by Vannetta Chapman, is the story of recently widowed Emma, who lives with her Mother-in-Law.  She finds a teenage boy living in her barn, and agrees to let him stay and help around the house.  Soon the Bishop asks her to let an abused woman and her children stay temporarily as well.  Her Mother-in-Law reveals a secret hidden in the garden that might change all of their lives. 

Also included in An Amish Garden are glossaries of Amish words, Reading Group Guides, and Amish Recipes. 

*Disclosure: I received this book free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.  All  opinions are my own. 

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