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Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Review~Navigating the Explosion-You are Not Alone

When I was born, I went from the hospital to a foster home, and then was placed with my parents at two months old.  My older brother was also adopted, and I had several cousins who had been adopted.  So, adoption was a very normal thing in my life.  When I married, both my husband and I had hearts for helping children in need.  Over the years, we worked in a group home for troubled teens, I did home daycare, and my husband is now a social worker working with at-risk kids.

 We began doing foster care about ten years ago, with the only intention of helping kids and giving them a safe, loving temporary home-NOT adopting.  Well, that went right out the window with our very first placement!  We adopted Chad when he was three years old.  Since then we've had other foster children, but no more adoptions.  Chad is no different to me than my other children-he's all mine, just as I always felt I was with my Mom.  He was meant to be with our family, as I was meant to be with my adoptive family.  God has his plans for our lives. 

Was fostering and adopting easy?  No. There have been times of frustration, and times when you feel alone, that you feel nobody understands what you are going through.   Adoptive mother Allison Schumm has written a book that helps mothers through this incredible, but complicated, journey. 

This is a picture of Allison's amazing, beautiful family. Wow!  In Navigating the Explosion-You are not Alone, Allison shares her story and thoughts, and shares several letters written by adoptive mothers.  The chapters in the book are:

*The Call
*The Wait
*The Honeymoon
*The Groove
*The Future
*The Others

The book is full of relevant information that will also touch your heart.  I felt so understood after I read it. Even if you aren't a foster or adoptive parent, this book would be a valuable read so that you can understand and support others. 

To learn more about Navigating the Explosion-You are not Alone, including where to purchase, visit the author's website.  Here is Allison Schumm's contact information:

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