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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Product Review~Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3 piece Knife Set and Stand

Anyone who cooks knows the value of having quality, sharp knives.  What a timesaver!  I recently received a set of Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic Knives and 3-piece Adjustable Ceramic Knife Stand.  The blades of the 100% ceramic knives are close in hardness to diamonds, and preserves its razor-sharpness 10 times longer than traditional steel blades.  Unlike metal knives, the Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic Knives do not corrode, rust or leach metal ions from long-term exposure to moisture, oils and acids in common foods.

Elite Chef Ceramic knives have perfectly balanced ergonomic handles, and each knife weighs less than half of an equivalent metal knife.  This means less pain and fatigue if you are doing a lot of cutting preparing big meals. 

The Ozeri 3-Piece Adjustable Ceramic Knife Stand is the perfect complement for the Elite Chef Ceramic Knives.  There are slots for the 3", 6", and 9" knives.  Each space has a protective enclosure that prevents blade damage from contact with other knives.  You can adjust the stand so that the knives are in a row or staggered.  The stand is made of durable acrylic with a reflective black veneer, and has slip-resistant rubberized feet.

My Thoughts: Once again, I am thoroughly impressed with Ozeri products.  They are high quality, durable, and stylish.  The knives are very sharp and make chopping a breeze.  I especially like the feel of the ergonomic handles, they feel great in my hand.  Both the knives and stand are stylish for any kitchen.  The stand is great as it does not slip or slide on the counter.  The ability to adjust the stand so that you can stagger the knives or have them lined up in a row is a great feature!  You can purchase your own set of knives and stand at Amazon:

Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-piece Knife Set

Ozeri 3-piece Adjustable Ceramic Knife Stand

*Disclosure: I received a sample of these products from Ozeri in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my own. 

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