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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Foster care inspection passed-whew!

I really don't know why I stress so much about stuff like this. We've been doing these inspections for a long time now. We had our yearly renewal for our foster care license yesterday. It is the same nice lady each year. She checks the same things each year. But for some reason I freak out about it EACH YEAR! I mean, the worst thing that would happen is she would say 'fix this and let me know when it is fixed'. This year is different though. Almost 3 years ago, we stopped taking in kids because I was about to have a major spine surgery. We figured a couple months off, we'd get back into it. Well, then I got sick with this autoimmune disease that had been dormant in my system for years, but the trauma of the surgery caused it to 'appear'! It took months and months of testing (and misery, me thinking I'm just a wimp) before we figured it out). I'm still having all my symptoms, still on medication, but I have been doing it long enough to know how to manage it all. I do need extra rest, and have to stay away from people if I can during cold/flu season so I am careful. The condition is considered 'terminal' (isn't everyone?) with no cure, but I plan on hanging in there for the long haul. So....of course it makes sense we'd start doing foster care again doesn't it?? I do have a unique situation with my 17 and 14 yo home during the day, so that is very helpful. We are licensed for 3, but I don't think we will take that many-my guess is 1-2 at a time. It will be nice for Chad to have a playmate, as that is the age range we asked for. (3-7yo, and then 0-6months). I'm excited about most of it. The things I do not look forward to is if there are lots of court appointments I have to go to, parent visits I have to go to, therapy I have to go to, etc. Sometimes, depending on the case, it can be quite a drain. Our main goal is to help children though. Our older kids, Alyssa especially, are so excited! Of course, let me say if anything started to go downhill or change with my health we would immediately stop foster care and focus on my health, so no lectures!! I am too chicken to tell my Mom, though. Thank goodness she is not in the world of computers.

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