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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend activities

Last weekend was different for our family! Our oldest two kids, Nick (17) and Alyssa (14), have been raising money for a few weeks for a nationwide event called '30-hour famine' through World Vision. Our family has sponsored a little girl from Bangladesh, Shantona, for at least 6 years through World Vision, and it has been such a wonderful experience. The kids give a portion of their allowance each month to contribute to her care. Anyway, World Vision was also sponsoring this program. Teens in church youth groups around the country got donations (from coins on up) to feed hungry children, and then the kids fasted for 30 hours together. In warmer areas, they actually tried living in cardboard boxes as well. Since Alyssa has hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), we were happy our church decided on a juice fast. The kids did a lot of service projects during their time together as well. Our church's youth group raised over $2000!!

So, on Saturday, we only had our littlest one, Chad (6). This hardly ever happens, but sadly we do notice it happening more and more these days as the teens spread their wings. We ended up going to an event we had signed up for previously with the Utah Hemophilia Association. Alyssa and I both have a form of hemophilia, and this was an education day, plus you got free admission to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. We had never been in the dino museum before. Chad had a blast doing all the hemophilia activities for kids. He was a pro at measuring fake 'factor' into a syringe, gave an infusion into a fake vein, and flushed a doll's port. Maybe he'll be a doctor when he grows up! After lunch with the group, we started walking over to the museum, and encountered a huge black Labradoodle (very cute and playful!). The museum was great! It was good for adults and kids. Chad had fun with a sand and water play area for kids, complete with plastic trees and dinos. It was fun to have time alone with him as the focus.

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