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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Littlest Shoveler

A few weeks back, we had a snowstorm, and Chad asked if he could shovel. I said sure, thinking he would use up some of his endless supply of energy pushing the snow around. I always keep the front blinds open when he is out front playing so I can keep an eye on him, but I really didn't watch WHAT he was doing. After about half an hour he came in and told me he was done, and would I look outside at what a good job he did. I went to look, expecting to not really see anything, but was I shocked! This six-year-old can shovel snow!! He had shoveled the sidewalks, walkway to the house, and driveway, and done a GOOD job! Yesterday, when it snowed, he asked if he could shovel again. Remembering the fuss we all made last time, he asked if he could earn a dollar if he did a good job so I said yes. This time I watched him shovel. He puts his entire 50 lbs. of body weight against the adult snow shovel and pushes it until it is full of snow, then tosses it over to the side (he is quite strong for his age, very athletic). His rows/lines are so straight, it's amazing! Chad doesn't even take drink breaks because he loves to eat snow (ack!), though we have tried to stop him for years (yes, we've warned him of various colors of snow). So when he gets thirsty he just bends down and gets a handful of snow to eat! Back to yesterday, he once again did an awesome job! I mean, this kid does a better job than teenagers (we won't name names!). It's nice when he's excited to do it, too!

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Amy said...

Yeah Chad! I'm sure Rick would love it if one the kids, or me for that matter, would help him shovel. lol!