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Thursday, April 2, 2009


I can't believe this is my son, that he is 17 years old, a junior in High School, and going to prom! With his girlfriend! Wasn't he JUST a baby that I held in my arms? It certainly seems that way, but time has flown by and here we are, going to prom. I am so proud of Nicholas-he looked very handsome in his tux, but I am also proud of the young man he has become. His girlfriend Victoria looked so pretty in her pink dress with her hair done up, and they coordinated very well, thanks to smart Victoria giving Nick a paint sample strip to take to the tux shop! The tux shop, by the way, is awesome! This is the second time we've used them-I originally parked next to their van in the grocery store parking lot and saw the ad of $39 tuxes, but I figured there must be a catch. No, no catch-they run the shop out of their home in West Jordan, and provide great service. The name is Tip Top Tux, and if anyone needs the phone number just email or call us.

Anyway, the prom was wonderful, according to Nick and Victoria. They ate out with another couple at Chili's, and then both couples went together to the prom, which was at the State Capitol! The capitol building is very pretty at night, up on the hill all lit up, and apparently they have a great ballroom with a light-up dance floor. I'm thrilled that they had such a great time! There are more pictures on both Jeff and my Facebook pages, too.

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