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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Schoolhouse Crew Review~Christian Keyboarding

Let's face it-in our world today, it is necessary for our children to learn keyboarding!  Sure, my son at age 9 is great with the mouse, and can 'hunt and peck' words when he needs to.  But that is not enough, and the sooner he learns to type on a computer keyboard proficiently, the better!  Keyboarding for the Christian School is an award-winning e-book created by Leanne Beitel that Chad and I had the opportunity to review.

We have tried a few keyboarding programs in the past-they were okay.  They were full of flashy games-that is not what you will get here, and I like that.  We used the elementary version for grades k-5.  There is also a version available for grades 6 and up.  There were 32 lessons, nice and short and to the point, and each lesson built on the last.  It was just enough work for Chad to do without getting bored or frustrated.  I must admit-my son likes all the flashy games, so I wasn't sure how he would do with this program, but he did great!  He was very proud of his accomplishments learning the keyboard!

I loved that scripture is part of this curriculum-if you have to be learning to type anyway, why not be learning and memorizing bible verses at the same time?

The price of Keyboarding for the Christian School is very affordable (and I like that too!)-it's only $12.95 for the elementary version in regular or large font, and just $15.95 for the grade 6 and up version!  This is great because you can use it on a tablet or electronic device, or print it out, whichever works best in your home.  I chose to print it out, which worked fine for us.  If you prefer to purchase a hard copy, you can for $45 which includes shipping and handling. *Great news-now through 8/29, you can save 20% on your purchase using the code SUMMER2012!

Go to the Keyboarding for the Christian School website to learn about package deals and other products available, teacher resources, testimonials, and to view sample lessons.  I was very impressed with this affordable keyboarding program, and plan to purchase the higher grade version when the time comes.

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*Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

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