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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Product Review~ Dr. Song's Teeth Whitening

A nice, white smile is something everyone wants. There are so many products out on the market now to help us achieve that.  But most of the over the counter products aren't strong enough to do much to make our teeth whiter.  Dr. Song Medical has a Professional Teeth Whitening Kit that contains 44% Carbamide Peroxide, the same strength used by dentists!

After I ordered my Dr. Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit from Amazon, I received it very quickly and it was packaged securely.  It contained 8 pre-filled syringes (enough for 50 applications), moldable teeth trays, an LED blue light accelerator, and a gel applicator brush.  The teeth trays were very easy to mold per their instructions, and the entire process was very easy.  The LED light works great, and the applicator brush was very helpful to get the gel everywhere. 

Dr. Song Medical is a medical cosmetic laboratory that originally manufactured products for professionals, doctors, and medical facilities. Their products are made in the USA and  FDA compliant. 

I've definitely noticed a difference in how white my teeth are since I started using Dr. Song's Professional Teeth Whitening Kit.  I used to use the strips, but this is a much stronger product.  I do want to point out that because this is the maximum strength, you should be careful if you have very sensitive teeth.  I'm looking forward to seeing how much whiter my smile is after I use all of my Dr. Song Teeth Whitening Kit!

You can purchase your own Dr. Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit at Amazon.

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