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Monday, January 5, 2015

Product Review~AirComfy Travel Pillow

I'm not a frequent traveler, but when I do travel, whether by plane or car, my biggest concern is my neck.  I have a spine condition that has required surgeries, and traveling is very painful.  I have to make sure my neck is supported and as comfortable as possible.  I've tried SO MANY different pillows over the years, but never achieved the level of comfort I hoped for-until now!

The AirComfy Travel Pillow is my new best friend while traveling!  This pillow has a unique butterfly shape that cradles the arch in your neck, providing support where you need it, and eliminating bulk that you don't need.  It can be used for both the neck and lumbar (lower) back, and can be strapped on to your seat.  I especially like the support on the sides of my head, so my head doesn't tilt if I doze off. 

This Travel Pillow is so easy and quick to self-inflate and deflate.  All packed up in its bag, it only weighs 6.2 ounces!!  That is awesome with todays strict regulations on weight of luggage!  The bag has a carabiner to easily clip it on to other luggage.  My favorite part of the AirComfy Travel Pillow is that you can inflate and deflate to get it to just the right firmness for you! 

This picture above shows how small it is.  My daughter travels internationally each summer with a dance group, and if she's lucky I may just share my new AirComfy Travel Pillow with her!!  To learn more, visit the AirComfy Travel Pillow website.  You can purchase your own pillow at Amazon.

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