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Monday, April 4, 2011

Bible in 90 days update-I DID IT!!!!!!

Wow, I can't believe I read through the entire Bible from cover to cover!!  I ended up finishing on day 89 even!  It is a great feeling, and I completely suggest this program to anyone and everyone!  I believe the next group starts in July, and here is the link for more information:
Bible in 90 Days General Information
When I started this program just after New Year's, I was skeptical.  My thoughts were that I didn't see how you could retain much when you were reading so much each day.  It is about 1 1/2 hours of reading a day.  I also didn't think I could find that much time seven days a week.  Well, I feel God carried me through this program, because life still happened-still all the sicknesses, emergencies, stresses, and I found the time.  Usually it was in the evening, instead of watching TV.  I struggled a bit in the Old Testament with concentration, but once I really got into a habit of reading every day, no matter what time it was, it was natural.  I know that I have no excuses now in finding time for Bible reading and study.  As far as retaining the information-wow!  I learned and retained so much.  I have never read through the Bible before, but I have tried many times with 1-year programs, and never made it past a few months.  I think reading this every day without taking any breaks, it was like I was reading a story that all came together.  Obviously, there wasn't time to study what I was reading, but now I know what I want to go back and study.  I just can't say enough great things about this program, and I am thrilled to have completed it.  Thanks so much to  Amy at Mom's Toolbox who put all this together, and my leader and mentor Heidi at Reviews and Reflections!  My husband Jeff was also a great help, as he would come home after a long, hard day to have me disappear into the bedroom for a few hours to read.   

The Bible was not the only thing I read during this past three months; I did read a few fiction books and my study books for the groups I am in.  Along with the Bible, though, I read a little 99 cent book called 'Know Your Bible'.  Before each book in the Bible, I would read the summary in this book-it had unique things to look out for, who wrote that book, the timeline, and other interesting facts.  I would suggest using that book also.  My life the past three months can definitely be summed up by one word: reading!!  It was great though, and I'm just so excited to have done this. I have been doing the happy dance all weekend long!! Feel free to ask me any questions, or go to the general information link above to check it out yourself for the next round this summer!


Christy said...

Good Job Athena! It's great to hear that you actually retained even while reading through the bible so quickly. I was going to ask that question, but I didn't neet to :)

I may have to give this a try... but not now. I know there is no way I'd be able to daily put so much time aside. I'm just in one of those 'seasons' IYKWIM

Anyhow congratulations! The Lords word is powerful, and reading all of it in such a condensed amount of time 'sounds' like it would be a blessing :)

Shawntele said...

I think there has been a lot of happy dancing going on!

Congratulations on a job well done!

Your fellow Spring '11 grad,

Conny said...

Stopping by to let you know if you want the free Narnia DVD, I'd love send you one ... email me your mailing address - hutchhaus@aol.com
God bless!!