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Monday, April 11, 2011

What we're up to!

There have been some major changes in our lives in 2011, so I thought I'd do an update on what we're up to these days.  There are some big changes going on with our house itself, but I'll save that update for later in the month when all the work is done-exciting! The biggest change in our lives is our oldest son, Nick, left to go live in Minneapolis for six months!  This is part of a new job-he will be selling cable and phone services there.  It is really strange having him so far away for such a long time, but it does help that Jeff is from Minnesota (Mankato), and has lots of family in the Minneapolis area, as well as his Mom, brother and his family in Mankato, about a 1 1/2 hour drive from where Nick is.  So it is a comfort knowing he has family close by.  He actually chose Minneapolis over Nashville for that reason.  I have a feeling it is going to be a long six months-especially for his little brother Chad, who adores him. Update 4/24/11: Nicholas is home in Utah!  The job/situation just was not a good fit for him.  We are glad he's home,  especially his wrestling buddy Chad!

We also had a big loss a few months ago-our 17 year old miniature schnauzer Raley passed away.  We had him for 11 years, and he was honestly the best dog.  Up until his last day, he was still full of energy and fun.  The great thing is he was so in love with everyone, but especially the kids.  He adored the boys' rough and tumble energy.  It was great because Nick was about 8 years old when we got Raley, so they were best buddies for years, and then we got Chad as Nick was becoming a teenager, and Raley had another round of loving on a boy!!  He loved us girls too, but there was something special about that 'boy and his dog' bond.  Raley also loved his sister Iris, our other schnauzer.  She is having a rough time being without him, but it is getting better.  The house sure is quiet without him, and we miss him a lot.  This picture was taken the day he died-Iris (in sweater) knew something was wrong, and kept smelling him.

I've already blogged about another big change-Alyssa driving!  She is gone all the time now, driving herself  everywhere she needs to go.  So Chad and I are often home without a car, which is okay because we need to get our schoolwork done!
The rest of us are just doing our normal stuff-homeschooling for me and Chad, Jeff working his two jobs (which we are very thankful for!), and our activities outside the home. I did read the Bible in 90 days, which was awesome! We are looking forward to Spring coming (it is still snowing and cold here, which is normal for Utah), and surely more changes to come!

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