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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Snake Scarf

I am not an accomplished knitter.  I learned how to knit last year, and have made several very basic scarves and dishcloths since then.  My daughter Alyssa, who learned to knit the very same day I did, is already an accomplished knitter.  She has to rescue me from all my mistakes when I knit, plus reteach my old brain how to do the things I've forgotten.  So, last year my friend Cassie was making an adorable snake scarf for her son, and I asked Chad if he wanted one. Of course he did, and I started to knit the scarf.  Very soon, the problems arose.  I didn't know how to change colors, how to increase or decrease-all things my Alyssa was willing to teach me, but I got overwhelmed and started working on dishcloths for gifts.  When this winter rolled around, Chad started asking when his snake scarf would be finished.  Hmmmm.....that was a really good question.  So I decided to enlist Alyssa's help and get going on it again.  Due to my tremor in my hand, knitting can get frustrating at times, so we decided to make it easier on me by adjusting the pattern a bit so it wasn't so complicated.  I worked on it off and on during the winter (on when Chad asked me when it would be done, off when he didn't).  Then February came and I realized I really needed to get this done before another winter was over.  So I kicked it into high gear, and finished one week before the official first day of Spring!!  Now, here in Utah we can have snow through Memorial Day so I know there will be opportunities to wear it a few times this Spring.  The scarf has several flaws in it, one being it is way too wide-I switched to a thicker yarn and didn't consider how that would affect the pattern.  But, even with it's flaws, Chad was thrilled, and that makes me happy. 

I've decided to put away the knitting needles for a bit. I have lots of yarn and many things I still want to knit, but I would like to try crochet, and see how my hands (and I) do with that.  Here is a picture of Chad with his snake:     

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LOL I made one of these before...