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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Curriculum Review: Christian Kids Explore Biology

Finding a good science curriculum that your kids enjoy and fits your beliefs can be difficult.  This past year I have been using a secular science curriculum, which has been fine, but I prefer a Christian-based science curriculum.  I was interested in reviewing the Christian Kids Explore Science series by Bright Ideas Press, hoping I would find a better fit for our family. 

 Bright Ideas Press publishes Christian Kids Explore Science, which is an award-winning series written by Stephanie L. Redmond. This series of four books is written for grades 3-6, but can easily be adapted for younger or older. These four books cover one year each of Biology, Earth & Space, Chemistry, and Physics.

Christian Kids Explore Science is 'unabashedly Christian' with a classical flavor, and contains 35 weekly lessons (suggested teaching twice weekly), all well-laid out and easy to follow for the teacher, with minimal prep time. 
We had the pleasure of reviewing Christian Kids Explore Biology, which is $34.95.  I was very impressed by the way the book and lessons are laid out.  There are 8 units consisting of 35 lessons.  Lessons consist of teaching time and hands-on time, as well as  coloring pages, vocabulary words, memory work, puzzles, review sheets and quizzes, creative writing assignments, and plenty of scripture throughout. There are 8 appendixes: Reproducible Forms and Maps, Memorization or Reference Lists, Scripture Memory, Instructions and Art for ABC book, Coloring Pages, Recipes and Supplemental Activities, Answer Key, and a huge supplemental book list!  These are the 8 units included in the Biology book:

*Biology Basics
*Plants in God's World
*Birds of the Earth
*Mammals in the Wild
*The Human Factor
*Reptiles all Around
*Insects High and Low
*Water Creatures

You can also purchase a digital download of all of the activity pages from the book, so if you have multiple children you can make plenty of copies.  Click here for a sample week from Christian Kids Explore Biology

What did we think of Christian Kids Explore Biology?  Well, I wish I would have had it at the beginning of the school year-it is awesome!  This curriculum was just what I was looking for!  I love how well laid-out it is, easy for Chad to understand, and there are plenty of activities to do. I was really excited by the supplemental book list too!  As Chad is in 3rd grade, this book series will be perfect for us for the coming years.  Check out the Bright Ideas Press Website for this and more great educational products!  Click here for more TOS Crew reviews of this book series.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of Christian Kids Explore Biology in exchange for my honest review. 


Under the Sky said...

Great review! This is thorough and done well. Thank you!


Athena said...

Thanks, Kate! That means a lot!