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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review~Clever Dragons

I'm so excited about this website!!!  It's called Clever Dragons, and is a boys-only website for K-8.  There is also a website for girls called Always Icecream!  It can be really hard to find websites that your child enjoys, but still have an educational component that parents want.  This isn't just mindless computer play.  Clever Dragons is a perfect mix of fun and education!

In exchange for practicing math, language arts, geography, science, typing and more, boys collect gold coins.  With their coins, boys can build castles, play fun games, and feed their virtual pets!  Chad loves games like this, where he can earn the chance to design and buy items.  Here is Pet World, Chad's favorite place!

As a parent, there are lots of features on Clever Dragons that I appreciate.  You can set the grade level(s) you want your child working on. There are no ads, all memberships are traceable, all content is moderated and monitored, and you get to choose what features you want to let your son use.  You get a weekly email showing you everything your son did, and if you choose to let your son communicate with other members, you see who he communicated with as well.  The safety features are certified by Privo Kids, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.      
Membership to Clever Dragons is affordable! A monthly membership is $5.95 (first month only $.99), an annual membership is $47.40.  There are also lifetime memberships available: $119 for one child, or $259 for a Family membership for up to four children!  You can also get a free trial membership. Another great feature?  Satisfaction is guaranteed at Clever Dragons!

As you can tell, I'm really impressed with Clever Dragons!  I think you will be too-check it out for your boy(s), and check out Always Icecream for your girl(s)!

*Disclaimer: I received a membership to Clever Dragons in exchange for my honest review. 

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