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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Product Review~Just for Men Autostop Haircolor

My husband Jeff and I are at the age, unfortunately, when gray hair is appearing more and more frequently.  Of course, some people aren't bothered by this and consider gray hair on men 'distinguished'.  If you would rather not have the gray, Just For Men has a great product for you!

New Just For Men AutoStop hair color is a foolproof, easy way to get rid of gray hair.  There is no mixing required-you just comb it in and shampoo it out.  Only 10 minutes from start to finish!  This hair color is gentle too-no peroxide or ammonia. 

Smiley360 sent me one each of the five colors currently available-Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Real Black, and Jet Black.  Jeff tried the Dark Brown.  The kit contains the one application tube and a little comb that screws on top of the tube.  It was super easy, and the results were great!  The sprinkling of gray he had was gone!

Just For Men Autostop hair color is available at drugstores and retailers nationwide.  Click here for a $3 off coupon you can use on your next purchase!

*Disclaimer: Smiley360 provided me with this sample in exchange for my honest review.

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