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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Schoolhouse Crew Review~ZooWhiz

If you've read any of my past Schoolhouse Crew Reviews, you already know Chad (9) loves computer games, especially those where you choose an avatar and earn some sort of coin/token to spend on the website. Chad also loves animals. So, that being said, Chad was a happy camper to help me review ZooWhiz , a fun online learning website!

ZooWhiz covers math, punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, word skills, phonics, phonemics and reading for ages 5-15.  You can choose Australian/British or American spellings  and units of measurement and currency.  The voice speaking to your child has an australian accent, which a few times caused Chad to not understand what was being said, but otherwise he loved the accent.  Also fun were the encouraging words they used to praise him-'Crackerjack!' was his favorite!  You set the age range your child is working at in each subject, so you are in control of what they are learning.

Above is the map that shows the different things kids can do on ZooWhiz.  Learn and Earn is where they complete educational activities and are rewarded with coins.  They can spend those coins at the Arcade (fun games!) or purchasing a new animal in the Biodome.  There are lots of animals to choose from, and you can learn all about your animal too.  In Milestones, kids can see all sorts of charts on how they are progressing.  You can also create a free Parent Management Account to track your child's progress. I was impressed with how thorough the progress reporting is.

ZooWhiz was a big hit at our house.  You can go to their website to learn more-there is a ton of information about the program (including videos) there.  You can set up a free Keeper Account, or for only $14.95 a year you can purchase a Premium Zookeeper Account!  That is an incredible price at 75% savings for only a limited time!  It is definitely worth it-the free account is fun, but there is much more available with the premium account. 

When I asked Chad his thoughts on ZooWhiz, he said his favorite things about the website were buying the animals and the Arcade, and he thinks it would be fun for all kids.  I like that it is educational, but he is having fun learning!  To read more reviews, click on the banner:

Disclosure: I recieved a membership to ZooWhiz free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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