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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wealthquest for Teens Review

As my oldest kids begin entering the adult world, I worry about their futures.  Its hard to survive out there these days, and prices are only rising.  Being in debt has become the norm, and its not what I want for my kids. With my daughter Alyssa (17) recently getting her first job (besides babysitting), I thought reviewing WealthQuest for Teens was a great fit for our family.
The complete package includes innovative, engaging, practical tools for teaching your teen effective money management. The interactive video and the eBook will teach your teen to think about and organize money so it works for them now and for the rest of their life! -Directly from website.

For just $39.95, you will receive the WealthQuest for Teens Seminar Package: Online Video/Workbook Basic Seminar, Quickstart Guide for Teens ebook, Parents Guide e-book, and link to moneytrail.net.  This is a great value for an entire financial program.  There are seven modules to go through in the video section, and the lessons are short and include questions to answer right then while you are watching.  The workbook for teens has 30 days of activities/questions to answer.  It took Alyssa only about 10 minutes each day to do the workbook.  The entire program is designed to be a six-week course, but you can adjust that to your needs.

Teacher Jill Suskind created the program in 2008 to prepare teens to meet the financial realities of adulthood with confidence and competence. 

What We Thought: I thought WealthQuest was a good, solid program for teens and was a good value.  Alyssa said  she learned a lot, and is excited about becoming a better saver!  She did not like that you couldn't rewind the videos, and her favorite part of the program was the Silo System.  I feel that she learned a lot, and would highly suggest this program to parents of teens. 

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*Disclosure: I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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