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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Review and Giveaway~MAS Detergent & Mother's Day Sweepstakes!

Have you ever heard of MAS laundry detergent?  I had not heard of it before, and recently had a chance to try it out.  MAS is the leading liquid detergent in Mexico, and is available for the first time in the US at Walmart!  MAS is made by the Henkel brand, which produces Purex products as well.  There are two different MAS detergents, click on each to learn more:
MAS Color
MAS Oscura (Darks)

I tried MAS Color, which has the Renew Effect to protect and renew your clothes wash after wash.  I've been very happy with it, it has a nice fresh smell and my clothes are clean and bright.

Mother's Day is tomorrow!  My Mom is my best friend-she's been there for me through thick and thin.  I strive to be just like her-caring, loving unconditionally, and kind.  I know she will be there for me if I'm having a rough time, or will be excited along with me when something good happens. Although we live far away from each other, we talk on the phone every day, and she is always in my heart.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!

MAS is having a Mother's Day Appreciation Sweepstakes for all the hard-working, laundry-washing Moms out there.  It runs through May 31, and you have a chance to win $1000!!  Click here to enter. Good luck!

MAS detergent provided me with three $1 off coupons for their detergent.  I need to warn you-they are written in Spanish, but I had no problem using them here in Utah at Walmart.  If you would like one, just comment below with your email and I will contact you to get your mailing address.  The first 3 people who ask will get a coupon!


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