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Friday, February 20, 2015

Product Review~Nutrigold Vitamin C Gold

I take several vitamins daily.  I'm not the best at eating healthy, and I'm also concerned about my immune system.  I went through a period when my immune system was not working properly, and during that time I learned how important Vitamin C was for my system.  I've been taking Vitamin C ever since.  Now, since receiving and learning about Nutrigold Vitamin C Gold, I realize that all Vitamin C is not the same!

Did you know that most of the Vitamin C sold is either synthetically modified or made from GMO corn?  Well, Nutrigold Vitamin C Gold is 100% natural, organic source of Vitamin C and Bioflavanoids from organic certified berries and fruits.  It is corn-free, wheat-free, made in the USA, and certified free of GMOs, additives, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and allergens.  Each capsule delivers 400% of daily value of Vitamin C (240 mg) and 45 mg of Bioflavanoids. 

Vitamin C supports immune, heart, vision, and prenatal health, as well as supports healthy aging.  Nutrigold (www.nutrigold.com ) offers a 100% money back guarantee.  You can purchase your own bottle of Nutrigold Vitamin C Gold at Amazon.

My Thoughts: Above is a picture of the Nutrigold Vitamin C Gold capsule in my hand.  It's an average size pill-I've seen bigger and smaller.  For someone with difficulty swallowing, this size may be a problem.  I personally don't have a problem with swallowing pills, so it was fine for me.  There was no aftertaste after swallowing the vitamin.  I had no problems at all and feel that I am getting much better Vitamin C than I was before.  I am very impressed with Nutrigold Vitamin C Gold being 100% Organic and food-based, and coming from fruits and berries.  It is a high quality, superior product. 

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