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Monday, February 23, 2015

Product Review~Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner

My son recently reviewed three products from Smooth Viking Beard Care.  For this review, we are focusing on Smooth Viking's Beard Conditioner. This Beard Conditioner softens and hydrates your beard, making it more soft and not itchy. It strengthens from root to tip, encouraging new growth while repairing what's already there. It is all natural and made in the USA.  The ingredients are:
*Shea Butter
*Mango Butter
*Sweet Almond Oil
*Argan Oil
*Olive Oil
*Coconut Oil
*Essential Oil

Here is my son Nick, 23, and his beard that was used to try out the Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner.  He liked the Beard Conditioner and thought it worked great.  He says it smells good, but not too strong of a scent.  He liked to put it on while he was still in the shower, to let the steam work it in.  He says this was the product he used most of the three he tried, and it really made his beard soft and more manageable.  Also, since you use so little at each application, the container lasts a long time.

You can purchase your own Smooth Viking Beard Conditioner at Amazon.  The great thing is they offer a no questions asked money back guarantee!  Be sure to also check out Smooth Viking on Facebook.

*I received a sample of this product in exchange for my honest review. 

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