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Monday, February 23, 2015

Product Review~Smooth Viking Beard Oil

My oldest son has a short beard/goatee and had never used beard products, so I was excited for him to try some products from Smooth Viking Beard Care.  The first product he tried was Smooth Viking Beard Oil.  This oil is 100% natural and Vegan friendly, containing a premium blend of nourishing ingredients:
*Avocado Oil
*Sweet Almond Oil
*Moroccan Argan Oil
*Olive Oil
*Pumpkin Seed Oil
*Castor Oil
*Jojoba Oil
*Vitamin E

Here is the beard the Smooth Viking Beard Oil was used on-my handsome son Nick, 23.  The Beard Oil is his favorite product of the three he tried.  It helps his beard not get itchy and uncomfortable.  It gives it a healthy, shiny hair look-not at all greasy.  He loves that you only need a few drops, so this bottle will last a very long time.  He says you just have to be careful when you apply the oil to your beard, or you will have shiny skin around your beard.  So if you aren't careful applying it, be ready to wipe your skin off (unless you like the shiny skin look). 

I think it's great that Smooth Viking Beard Oil is all natural-no chemicals or additives.  It is very affordable as well, since you only use a few drops the bottle will last.  You can buy your own bottle of Smooth Viking Beard Oil at Amazon.  Be sure to visit Smooth Viking's Facebook page.

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