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Friday, March 4, 2011

Another good clearance trip to Target

The other day I went to Target, armed with coupons that would make several items either free or very close to free.  Well, some items were sold out, a few were there that I was able to use both my Target and manufacturer coupons on, and then I checked on all the clearance areas.  I found a bunch of winter tools/items on 75% off.  I know snow shovels and ice melt are not what any of us wants to be thinking of right now.  It would be much nicer to be thinking of gardens and flowers, but it is the perfect time to stock up for next year, or, for us in Utah who had snow until Memorial Day last year, for later this Spring!

Let me clarify the reason I am posting these deals is to encourage you to regularly check your clearance sections of stores, and in stores that allow you to 'stack' store and manufacturer coupons, do it!  You can come away with some incredible deals!

Here is my first transaction:

Kellogg's cereal, sale $2.50 x 2=$5.00-(2)$1.00 mfg coupons-(2)$1.00 Target coupons=$1.00 (.50 each)
Clorox 96oz splashless bleach, sale $1.66 x 2=$3.32- (2) $1.00 mfg coupons=$1.32(.66 each)
Kite   reg. $7.00 clearance $1.76
Windshield de-icer reg. $2.79 clearance $1.38
Window scraper reg. $5.99 clearance $1.48
Snow Shovel  reg. $8.99 clearance $2.24
Set of 3 Snapware heavy duty Christmas  cookie keepers-I got 2 sets of these clearance $3.48x2=$6.96
(I don't know the regular price of the Clorox or the Snapware)
My grand total was $16.14! The regular price of all items, using the sale price for the Clorox and Snapware as I do not know their regular price, was $40.05.  Just this is a savings of over 60%, but I imagine I really saved about 75% as I know the Clorox was more regularly and the Snapware was in the 75% off section. 

While I was pondering the snow shovels, I called my husband to ask if he wanted me to get one.  He said yes, and then just as I was finished at the cash register, he called me to ask me to get two more snow shovels and two more window scrapers for his co-workers.  I went back to get them, and while I was there I noticed a great savings on ice melt for the sidewalks/driveway, so I picked that up too.  So here is my second transaction that day:

8 lb. salt-free pet-safe ice melt regular $12.99, clearance $3.24
Snow shovels for co-workers regular price $8.99x2=$17.98, clearance $2.24x2=$4.48
Window scrapers for co-workers regular price $5.99x2=$11.98, clearance $1.48x2=$2.96
My grand total was $10.68!   The regular price of all items was $42.95, a savings of 75%!

Now we need some good kite weather to try out that new kite!!

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Ilana Schoonover said...

Brilliant! I just started stacking coupons at Target the other day....LOVE it!