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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meeting Author Cindy Woodsmall!

Last Saturday I went to a book signing by author Cindy Woodsmall, who was promoting her latest book, Plain Wisdom.  You can read more about Cindy and the book in my most recent blog post.  I must say I have never been to a book signing but figured it would be a quick greeting and generic signing of my book.  It was just the opposite!  We chatted about the book and homeschooling (she homeschooled her boys), among other things.  We took this picture together, and I must say it was really a delight to meet her!  She is a very sweet, genuine woman, and now we are even Facebook friends!  I wonder if meeting her will make her books seem even more enjoyable than before?  I have a feeling it will, having that personal connection now.  Thank you Cindy for coming to Utah!!


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