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Friday, February 3, 2012

Awesome Target trip #1

I've gone to two of our local Targets to score some clearance deals and stack manufacturer and Target coupons.  You can really get great deals that way!  Here is my haul from the first trip:
The Breakdown:

Woman's Merona shirt $14.99 reg, $7.48 clearance-$3.00 Target coupon=$4.48
(3) Hanes Boys Sweatshirts $6.99 reg x 3=$20.97, on clearance $2.08 each=$6.24
Toddler girls sleepwear $5.00 reg, on clearance $1.26
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs  $14.99 reg, on sale $7-$3mfg coupon=$4.00
(2)Krave cereal $4.25 reg each=$8.50, sale $2.50 x 2=$5, stacked $1/2 Target and $1/2mfg coupons, $1.50 each=$3.00
(3) MP tomato soup $0.64 reg x 3=$1.92-$1 Target coupon, $0.31 each=$0.92
Up&Up liners, 64 count * $1.97 reg-$1 Target coupon=$0.97*
*I can usually get a box of 20ish liners for less than .50 with sales and coupons, so although this is more than I'd usually spend, it is a large quantity so an awesome deal!

Total regular price of products: $68.34
Total price I paid: $20.87
% Savings: approx. 70%  Woohoo!!
Then I pay with my Target redcard debit card (goes straight from your bank, not a credit card) and got another 5% off, bringing my total to $19.83, a 71% savings!

I can't stress enough going to Target's website and print out their coupons, stack them with manufacturer coupons and sales!!

Another Target haul coming tomorrow.........

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