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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Product Review~MathRider

I'm very excited about this math game for kids! There are many ways out there you can practice your children's math facts with them, such as flash cards.  Do your kids like flash cards?  Mine do not!  Anytime we can play a fun game though, they are all for it, especially computer games!  MathRider is a latest generation math game for ages 6-12.  Direct from their website:
"Ride your horse on noble quests through the magical MathLands. MathRider combines fun math game play with a highly sophisticated question engine that adapts to your child. The game propels your child to mastery of all four math operations using numbers 0 to 12 in record time."

This game was created by parents who wanted to improve their children's memorization of math facts in a fun way.  You can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Your child begins a 'quest', complete with storyline, and then rides their horse toward obstacles. A math problem will appear on the screen and they must solve it correctly to jump over the obstacle.  I was very impressed with how the program adjusted to how well Chad was doing.  It sped up as he was doing well, and it also repeated problems more frequently that he got wrong.  Parents can check their child's mastery level and know exactly which problems need more practice. Click here to learn more about how MathRider is played.

Chad loves MathRider!  He enjoys the challenge of completing the quest, and has even played the game during 'non-school' time!  I have noticed a big improvement in his memorization of math facts, especially subtraction, which he wasn't too strong with.
I love that Chad can do this on his own, has fun, gains confidence, and is learning!  It is much more pleasant to have him play MathRider than make him do flash cards!!

MathRider is very affordable.  It is available for Windows and Mac OSX as an instant download for only $37!  That is a great price, considering it is yours forever to use with as many children as you want.  This price is only good until February 25th, when the price will increase to $47.  You also have a 30 day risk-free guarantee when you purchase MathRider.  Want to try it out first?  Go to the MathRider website and click on 'Try MathRider now!' for a free 7-day trial.  Click here to read more crew member's reviews of this product.

*Disclaimer: I received a trial of MathRider in exchange for my honest review.

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